Version Change Notes
  • 26 Apr 2023
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Version Change Notes

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This guide can be used in conjunction with API version and version documentation for clear identification and understanding of the upgrades. Incorporating all the changes or modifications enlisted in this guide updates your API to the latest APIs version.

API version 4.0(2021-06-07)

  • New Features

The following are the newly added objects in the API v4.0. Click on the objects to see their details.
Action Type
Credit Card Masking Config
Custom Away Status Config
Department Config
Login IP Allowlist Config
Password Policy Config
Restricted Words Config
Role Config
System Avatar

  • Feature Enhancements and Changes
  1. API_key Authentication
    When using API key to call the interface, you need to bring the parameter siteId.
    For Example: GET
  • Bug Fixes

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