How to Configure Path
  • 20 May 2022
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How to Configure Path

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Path is a very important concept in Control Panel API. Path refers to a relative path representing the pages provided under different modules. The format of Control Panel path is http(s)://{domain}/ui/{siteId}{path}{query}.
For example, if the URL of the live chat Dashboard page is
The path of this page is /livechat/dashboard/.

NOTE: The path must start and end with a backslash bar.

Components of Path

The format is /{module}/{position}/


Control Panel provides the following modules.

Module NameDescription
livechatLive chat module
ticketingTicketing & Messaging module
kbKnowledge Base module
globalGlobal module
reportingReporting module


Add a custom page as the submenu of Campaign in the Live Chat Module, then its path looks like: /livechat/campaign/customPage/. The following shows the manifest configuration for this example.

  "manifestVersion": "2.0",
  "controlPanel": {
    "pages": [
        "id": "0593aae4-bc24-4420-8bf4-6e4ffa63bd1a",
        "path": "/liveChat/campaign/customPage/",
        "url": "./index.html",
        "label": "Custom Menu"


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