Attribute Value
  • 20 Dec 2022
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Attribute Value

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Article Summary

Attribute Value

With the Attribute Values entity, you can get the possible values of each attribute in each dataset, which can be used when filtering in query report.

Attribute Value JSON Format

AttributeValue is represented as simple flat JSON objects with the following keys:

valuestringThe value of the attribute value. When using attribute as filter, put it into the api as value.
labelstringThe label of the attribute value. User friendly string to display in the UI.

Get AttributeValues

GET /reporting/attributeValues

  • Request parameters:

attributeIdstringqueryyesThe Id of the dataset attribute which need to get values.
  • Response body:

An array of AttributeValue

  • Example

    • Request
    curl  attributeId=ChatAgent&siteid=10000 \
    -X 'GET' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer {access_token}'
    • Response
      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          "value": "67f44eb6-34f3-46d9-afe5-310ee7607368",
          "label": "xu bruce (xu bruce)"

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