App Package
  • 16 Jun 2022
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App Package

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App package is a zip package, including app configuration files, code files for implementing app functions and other static resources. The root directory of app package must contain a configuration file called manifest.json.

Apps are developed using HTML+Javascript+CSS technologies. You can use popular frameworks to develop your apps, such as React + Typescript. You can host these resources in Comm100 System or other servers.


The root directory of app package must contain manifest.json file. When uploading a package, the system will check this file in the root directory. There are no strict requirements for the organization of other resources, but the general app package structure is as follows:


  • css folder: All style and font files are here.
  • images folder: All the picture resources are put here.
  • js folder: All the script files are here.
  • index.html: The entry page of the app. If your app is configured with multiple widgets, there may be multiple entry pages in one app package.
  • manifest.json: The config file for the app.

The manifest.json is the configuration file of the app. Click here for more information.

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